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“Unigran” company is pleased to offer our clients a full range of services related to drilling-and-blasting works and transport movement of fractional granite macadam. Many modern companies wish to buy granite macadam of sufficient quality to carry out building works. And that is the cause of the continued demand. Ads like: “Buy granite macadam” – in the present time can be seen often enough. What is the reason of this popularity?

Crushed stone is a material which is widely used in building industry. All varieties of material are used – granite, lime and gravel. Granite macadam is a type of non-metallic building materials and often serves as a placeholder in puddling. Granite macadam is obtained by crushing natural granite in milling machine. And before that the monolithic granite rocks are exposed to the blast. After the crushing procedure granite macadam is separated for further sorting. The price of granite macadam is inversely proportional to the size of fractions, that due to the large volume of work related to fragmentation.

Depending on the form of their grains, and more specifically on the percent of lamellar and needle-shaped grains, granite macadam is conventionally divided into four categories: basic, enhanced, cube-like and rolled. Cube-like category is the most durable and solid in ramming. This kind of granite macadam is produced by the “Unigran” company in its mines. One of the main characteristics of granite macadam is its high strength. In addition, it is very easy to handle, has excellent performance of density, water absorption and frost resistance. Here you can buy granite macadam, which will pleasantly surprise you with its price and quality.

The finest fraction of macadam – chippings – is mainly used as a finishing decor, material for sports grounds and landscape works in the countryside. It is also used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures. “Unigran” company offers to buy macadam with delivery, as well as buy chippings at very affordable prices. Macadam delivery will be implemented in the short term and allow you not to deviate from the schedule of construction activities. “Unigran” company is your right and solid choice!

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