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For purchase of high quality products produced by enterprises of the company “Unigran”, please call:

(044) 278-75-09 delivery trucks

(044) 279-74-51 delivery by rail

The company “Unigran” offers high-quality crushed stone following fractions: 0-5, 1-3; 0,63-2, 2-5; 5-10; 3.10; 10-20, 5-20, 20-40, 40 – 70, 25-63, rubble stone and screenings. All the rubble produced by us has a low flakiness (15-18%), high frost-resistance of 300 cycles, the strength of 1200-1400 kg/cm2 and the first class of radioactivity (up to 170 bekerel). It meets all the regulatory requirements of GOST, absolutely suitable for all types of civil engineering and road construction.

At JSC “Pinyazevichsky pit” is a unique stone type gabbro, which is characterized as a heavy-duty, which has excellent adhesion to the bitumen. Production of JSC “Malyn stone crushing plant” also has high wettability with the bitumen, making it ideal for use of the roadway, increases service life. It is no accident Borispol highway – the only road in the Ukraine, meeting European standards, it was made from the rubble and sifting of the two quarries.

Landscape designers, we are pleased to offer a decorative red sand and gray color, which produces the JSC “Korosten careers.” Products of this company are widely used as coverings for playgrounds, tennis courts, garden paths. Pre-packaged in one ton containers (big-bag), decorative sand is conveniently delivered to the consumer.

No were without our attention and those who produce different types of roofing materials. For them there in the presence of a special kind of granite topping (fraction 0,63-2), used as a protective layer.

The products manufactured by enterprises of “Unigran” is in great demand not only the construction companies of Ukraine, and Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland. From it, in particular, the central bank’s vault was built of the Russian Federation, Ryad and Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

Fraction 40-70

Fraction 25-60

Fraction 20-40

fraction 5-20

fraction 5-10

Fraction 2-5

Fraction 2-5

Faction 0,63-2

Faction 0,63-2

Fraction 0-5

For purchase of high quality products produced by enterprises of the company “Unigran”, please call

(044) 278-75-09 delivery trucks

(044) 279-74-51 delivery by rail


JSC “Malyn stone crushing factory»

We offer high fractional rubble for concrete and roads. Tel.: (04 133) 5-12-43

JSC “Pinyazevichsky careers»

We specialize in the production of rubble stone and crushed stone for concrete and asphalt mixtures. Tel.: (04 133) 6-85-04

JSC “Korosten careers»

We produce high quality crushed stone for small and large fractions, roofing material (grit for roofing). Tel.: (04142) 3-21-18


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