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The company “Unigran”

The company was founded December 30, 1996. Originally it was a structural unit of the corporation “Transrada.” The main objective of the company was the development and formation of non-ore market in Ukraine, as well as product promotion Ukrainian mines abroad, particularly in Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

The company has successfully asserted itself in 1997, the start of sales on the Ukrainian market. In 1998, our company entered the international market by signing contracts with Russia, Poland and Lithuania.

The crisis of 1998-1999, made adjustments to the work and structure of the company “Yunigran.” Have been developed and introduced new technologies of deep processing of non-metallic waste production (dropping the granite fr. 0-5), as well as manufactured products for the adaptation of plants producing roofing materials. Together with “Technonikol” were developed technological conditions for the production of roofing material with an upper protective layer (spreading granite fr. 0,63-2). Start of production of granite crumb fractions 2-5, used for the manufacture of paving tiles, screed and decorating homes. For this purpose, Korosten career has been developed and successfully introduced the technology of production of the product. Also in 2000, a second production line of decorative granite products, the company purchased a washing din «Nordberg» (later changed to «Metso»). In the same year a similar line, but more powerful, was mounted on Korosten schebenochnom plant.

In the period from 2000 to the present time, the company continues its development in the Ukrainian market of building materials. Due to strong economic growth construction companies in Ukraine and its neighbors, as well as growing demand for road construction companies in the non-metallic materials of our products transported each year is steadily increasing.

To provide customers with products, “Unigran” has acquired more than 200 of their own cars. Together with the leased company operates about 500 rail cars of different types, transports annually more than 4.5 million tons of cargo. For customers who do not have proper access roads, and established delivery of goods by road. For this purpose it was purchased more than a dozen trucks «Volvo» carrying capacity from 25 to 45 tons. “Uninterrupted supply of products on time and at the appointed place” – the motto of “Unigran.”

To increase competitiveness and reduce production costs, increasing production has been established timely and effective provision of spare parts and consumables quarries of the holding. For this was a system of electronic storage, and special customer service, dealing with supply of necessary materials.

Steadily increasing productivity, and increasing production volumes, the company “Yunigran” introduces the enterprises of the holding, modern non-metallic materials and equipment. Our partners and suppliers are world-known companies: «Atlas Copco», «Caterpiller», «Metso minerals», «Sandvik», «Masa», «Hess» and others.

At our facilities have been established as a system of quality control, as the finished product and the manufacturing process as a whole.

We support good ideas and proposals, develop and implement them. As an example, production at one of our companies emulsion type explosives, or manufacture of paving and curbs by vibropressing granite screenings with a perfect geometry of products.

However, the company “Unigran” is more important is the fact that all of our staff (see photo) to a high internal standards of the company, as evidenced by the quality of our product day after day, week after week. Due to continuous contact with our clients, we are always aware of the latest market needs and know exactly how large the demands on a daily basis to the quality of our products.

For more information about the company “Yunigran” and its achievements can be found at the site in sections and finance ratings.

Group President, “Unigran”: Naumets Igor

July 2019
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